Tipping on a Tanzania Safari; when, who and how much to tip?

Tipping on a Tanzania Safari; when, who and how much to tip?

A regular question we always receive from guests is tipping on a Tanzania Safari; when, who and how much to tip?

Tipping on a Safari, while not compulsory, often contributes a substantial amount toward ensuring that those working in the service industry earn a living wage and also is an admirable way to share your satisfaction with your guide and varied staff service but also expected as a custom. On your Tanzania Safari Tours, tipping your guide, hotel staff, cook, or anyone who serves you during your stay is expected.

A regular question we always receive from guests traveling to Tanzania is that of who to tip when to tip and how much to tip on safaris in Africa.

  • Who to Tip

The most important is who do we tip? Here are the people who make sure your Safari goes smoothly and go an extra mile just to make sure you have a memorable Safari.

  1. Tipping guides

Tipping Safari Guides In Tanzania is very essential as they are your go-to persons while on a game drive in Tanzania. A good safari guide is essential for a successful safari in Tanzania. Safari guides keep you safe in the wild, is chock full of interesting information about the wildlife and region, and point out the often near-hidden animals that you traveled all this way to see.

  1. Tipping the staff

A lot of people work behind the scenes to ensure that your trip is a success, including the chefs, the kitchen team, the maids, and the housekeeping staff.

  • when to tip

Another frequently asked question is the best time to give tips. There are three options:

After each activity
At the end of each day
At the end of your stay

The best practice is always to tip just once, and always at the end of your stay at each safari lodge or camp.

For the guides: your guides won’t expect you to tip after each activity, mostly the guides are tipped at the end of the Safari as they are your crucial part of your Safari since they are the ones taking care of you and making sure you are fine throughout the Safari.

  • how much to tip

How much to offer as your tip depends on how much you were satisfied and enjoyed the given services and also currency for tipping in Tanzania tipping with US$ is generally acceptable, although even there, for smaller amounts, the local currency is preferred.

Here is your guide through a brief of who and how much to offer as a tip.

  • Safari Guides as the crucial part of your Safari we recommend  US$15-20 per person per day, handed directly to the guide at the end of your stay.
  • For the staff at the lodges and Camps US$5-10 at the end of your stay or to include all of these ‘back of house’ people, many camps have a ‘general staff tip box’, with the proceeds divided equally between the staff.
  • Also, Gifts as tips are also acceptable

Giving material things instead of cash is also an acceptable and charming gesture whether it is to a child who just helped you or lead you the way (you can give the “tip” in a form of a gift instead of money) or to your Kilimanjaro crew – climbing gears, useful climbing attires, gloves, etc. will be highly appreciated.

Mind you that the above brief is just a guide through you can always tip as long you wish according to you are own wish.