Safari in Tanzania

On Safari in Tanzania discover the wild fauna of and enjoy one of the most spectacular experiences.

The word “safari” means “journey” in Swahili (the vehicular language of East-Central Africa). The safari is an expedition that takes place in some African regions. It is carried out as a photographic excursion and to see live large animals in the wild living in nature reserves and national parks. You can find elephants, lions, giraffes, buffalo, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, zebras, gazelles, antelopes, flamingos, and an incredible number of animals, some of which many people only get to know in zoos in large cities.

The safaris are usually done in two modalities: a cheaper one in tents and with off-road vehicles of up to 8 people (including guide and cook); and another more expensive in “lodges” or hotels that are accommodations in the middle of the parks with amenities comparable to hotels of up to 5 stars.

Prices range from $ 198-3400 per day per person approximately.

With us you can enjoy a safari in Africa with two options: choose one of the itineraries designed by us with great care and delicacy, or the possibility of customizing your itinerary for the Safari.

From Sensation of Africa, we want to offer you the opportunity to enjoy a safari in Tanzania and be able to fulfill one of your dreams, letting you be conquered by the wild fauna and the main treasures of the African continent. It will be a nice memory.

We will be delighted to organize this exciting trip with you!


We want to be your African eyes to show you this wonderful land!

Whether you are looking to do a family safari , a couple safari or a safari with a group of friends; Whether you want to do a retired safari, a photographic safari, or a honeymoon safari … with Sensation of Africa you will find a good option for you.

At Sensation of Africa, we will go deep into the African savannah accompanied by guides from the area with whom we will discover exclusive places. Driving one of our vehicles with great training and experience, our guides are clear that you are the most important thing.

All vehicles of Sensation of Africa are specially designed for safari and have large windows and open roofs so that your vision is 360 degrees. They are perfectly equipped with an English electrical connection to charge the battery of your camera and mobile phone. You will also find other amenities such as a small refrigerator with fresh water and the possibility of having coffee or tea during the day to enjoy this experience as you deserve.

Remember that throughout our trip we always respect animals, plants, the environment and we guarantee decent wages to all local guides and workers who will accompany you on this hectic adventure.

Don’t forget your camera because you will want to immortalize every moment. You will enjoy a photographic safari in Tanzania in which you will be able to photograph beautiful specimens that you have only seen before in films and documentaries. It will be a sensational experience, where you will have the animals and birds just a few meters from you.

We invite you to discover the itineraries designed by us. If you find the option to your liking … great, you already have the safari for your vacations!

In case you are not convinced with any of these itineraries, consulting them can give you ideas when creating and personalizing your itinerary.

Get ready for tons of new sensations!


At Sensation of Africa we organize itineraries for Safari in Africa: Kenya and Tanzania are our destination countries.

Depending on your preference, you can choose one or another designed itinerary; or if your intention is to personalize your safari, you should also keep in mind what the origin and end of your trip will be.

These are the places we can visit together in TANZANIA:


  1. Arusha, NP
  2. Lake Manyara, NP
  3. Tarangire, NP
  4. Serengeti, NP
  5. Ngorongoro, Conservation Area
  6. Ngorongoro, Crater
  7. Mkomazi, NP
  8. Kilimanjaro, NP



Lago Manyara








Ngorongoro, Cráter
















9. Selous, Reserve

10. Mikumi, NP

11. Saadani, NP

12. Ruaha, NP

13. Mahale, NP

During the Safari in Tanzania you will be able to visit the National Parks and Conservation Areas of the South Circuit that are closest to the Dar Es Salaam airport and the North Circuit closest to the Kilimanjaro airport and the Arusha airport.

If your arrival is at an airport far from your areas of interest, you can also take an internal flight to get around or a long-distance bus.

Ask us and we will be delighted to help you.


From Sensation of Africa we present you optional activities to add to your Safari in either of the two options (designed or personalized itinerary). These will add value to your safari, as they are a good complement.

  • Balloon safari (PN Serengeti or PN Tarangire) : if you want to discover from a bird’s eye view and feeling like you gently float over the impressive valleys, between the imposing cliffs and above the beautiful streams of water; with wonderful landscapes, seeing animals and nature … This is an activity for you! The experience includes the balloon ride and after landing a champagne toast and a fantastic breakfast in the forest with options for vegans or vegetarians.
  • Safari on foot (PN Arusha or PN Tarangire): always accompanied by a ranger and with our guide, we will enjoy well-thought-out tours to be able to observe the maximum of animals and landscapes while we walk with the greatest safety and enjoyment. Experience the feeling of connection with the wild nature in a deeper way.
  • Canoe Safari on Momella Lake (Arusha PN ): It is worth visiting Arusha National Park and discovering Momella Lake. This place offers spectacular views and a variety of animals can be observed. Imagine what a feeling to see the beautiful giraffes on the other side of the lake while you enjoy the tranquility of the waters paddling in your canoe … it is a very unique area of ​​the park and without a doubt it has no similarity with the rest of the parks. This is a highly recommended activity, especially for lovers of nature and water activities.
  • Olduvai Gorge (PN: Ngorongoro): It is one of the most important places in the world from a paleontological and prehistoric archaeological point of view. It is invaluable for understanding human evolution. Here you can see human evolution with your own eyes.   In the vicinity of the gorge is the Olduvai Gorge Museum , which presents exhibits on the history of the gorge .
  • Boma Masai: “ boma” means “house”, in this activity you will visit the house of a group of members of the Maasai tribe. This is a tribe that continues with its oldest customs and lives life in a traditional way. It has its way of life, gastronomy, costumes, dances and traditional medicines. Here you can see her and receive explanations about her beliefs, diet, the education that children receive, dance with her and much more.
  • Datoga and Hadzabe tribes : these two tribes live like ancient times; they are nomads, very authentic and conservative. They live very far from the rest and have an exchange relationship: while some can forge metal to make spear tips and ornamental objects, the others go hunting wild animals. Visiting them is always surprising, especially if you decide to go hunting with the Hadzabe or participate in the work of lighting fires and working metal with the Datoga.

If you want to do any of these activities, we will gladly include it in your itinerary.


Her some of the best national parks we will gladly like to take you there.


Your African safari starts here.

Now you have the opportunity to customize your own African safari.

At Sensation of Africa, we will prepare with you a safari through Tanzania totally tailored to your tastes and needs so that you can enjoy a totally personalized experience.

You can choose the dates, destinations, type of accommodation, language, and optional activities.

If you have a preference in the organization, you travel with children, you need the special time flexibility, you have food allergies, budget restrictions, or any other condition … specify your needs as much as possible and we will surely find the solution to suit you.

You can sleep in the middle of the African savannah in a tent ( camping safari ), camps with tents and tents ( tented camp safari ), in cabins ( lodge safari ), or hotels ( hotel safaris ) of different categories and luxuries, always surrounded by the best-kept secrets of African nature.

And to make this adventure even more complete and enriching, do not lose sight of our proposals for Tanzania with excursionscultural activitiestrekkings, activities in Zanzibar. You will want to do them all!

With us, you will not only go on safari, but you will discover the country of Tanzania in its entirety, delving into nature, animals, culture, gastronomy, music, and ultimately the Tanzanian lifestyle.

Get in touch with us and get ready to enjoy your safari in Africa.