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Taking some of these excursions will allow you to discover less touristy and crowded places. This is more of local tourism that will bring you to the origins and the purest essence, discover and experience places of Tanzania.

Know the secrets of each place and the peculiarities that make each of them so special and unique.

Sensation of Africa wants to promote conscious tourism, so whenever you do an excursion with us, we do it with the greatest awareness and respect for the environment, animals, and people. We emphasize the importance of offering fair wages to each and every one of the people involved in the organization and implementation of your safari and excursions.


We offer you half-day, full-day, or multi-day excursions. Choose the excursions that convene you and create your own itinerary with our help.

Here is a description of the excursions that we offer

Duration:  1 day.

Activities : Canoeing / Hiking / Birds.

We pick you up at your accommodation in the morning and we arrive at Lake Duluti where you can take a walk along the path bordering the lake and observing the landscape and the largest concentration of birds in the area. For the more adventurous there is the option of going around the lake by canoe and discovering a more authentic way of discovering the fauna that awaits you there. Then you can enjoy a delicious buffet of African food near the shore of the lake while you can chat with your guide about the secrets of the place and the characteristics of the fauna that can be found there.

Duration : 2 days.

Activities : Water-Kayak / Hiking.

Discover the lake that shares waters with Kenya. Incredible views and landscapes await you, rest areas where you can relax with the gentle breeze and sipping a natural fruit juice. With hiking options in the area and even a kayak route on the lake where it is not strange to be able to see animals on the edge drinking water. Our guides will explain the peculiarities of the area and you can even taste the amarula and understand why it is the preferred fruit of the elephants. You will spend the night in the camping area or in the cabins where you will feel surrounded by the sounds of the fauna that resides there.

Duration:  1 day.

Activities : Water-swimming / Hiking / Gastronomy / Coffee.

On this excursion you can swim in fresh water at the foot of the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, visit the Marangu waterfalls and see stunning landscapes.

First we will visit the Chagga and Maasai Museum, where we will learn about the history of the tunnels built by the Chagga tribe to hide and protect themselves from the attacks of the Maasai. We will also visit a Chagga village and one of its traditional houses where we will learn a lot about the largest tribe in Tanzania and their way of life.

Then we will descend a stone staircase where we will enjoy impressive landscapes under the light of the African sun, while we swim in a small lake fed by the waters of the waterfalls. The silence of this place is absolutely stunning.

Afterwards, a gastronomic experience awaits us with typical Tanzanian food that includes vegetables, beans, local potatoes, ugali and beef accompanied by a delicious and fresh mango or avocado juice among other delicacies.

After lunch we will have the opportunity to roast coffee with our own hands and drink the fruit of our work. It will be an experience that we will remember for a lifetime!

Duration:  1 day.

Activities : SWIM / RELAX.

Access to the area is done by 4 × 4 vehicle through winding roads. Here you can enjoy a natural spa with underground hot springs that rise to the surface with a pleasant and relaxing temperature for the body. It is not strange to find a type of fish similar to the claw-rufous with whom you will share the bath and with its characteristic sympathy it can contribute to peeling your feet in a moment of confusion. You will find recreational areas where you can jump with a liana and resting areas where you can calm your mind. A bar area where you can drink or eat something if you wish. All this in a very well preserved natural environment.

At lunchtime,  Sensation of Africa  offers you a picnic to enjoy right there.

Duration:  Half a day.

Activities : WATER / HIKING.

Accessing the protected area where they are is already an adventure. You can choose between doing a demanding hike uphill or in a local vehicle moto-taxi (piki-piki) or by car. During the ascent you will see how the people of that area live and you will feel that you are entering the deepest part of the country.

Once at the top you will be welcomed and you will start a walk down a path in the forest to the valley of the Themi river (for about 15 minutes) where the occasional animal will surely appear. We will cross small streams until we reach the waterfall (locally named by the Maasai «Navuru»), where you can refresh and relax with the sound of its waters.

We recommend wearing waterproof shoes / boots or sneakers.

After enjoying the falls, the return journey begins, through the river bed and then a short hike up.

  • Duration:  1 day

    The Arusha National Park boat safari takes place on the small Momella Lake. Although it is popularly known as “boat safari”, it is actually done in stable canoes for 2 people; a good option to get closer to nature and enjoy a ride in this quiet and picturesque canoe while observing hippos and amphibians along the shores of the lake and aquatic antelope, buffalo and other animals that graze while giraffes feed on the leaves of the trees , out of the lake. Canoeing on Momella Lake gives you a good view of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro on a good clear day.

    This is an optional activity that you can hire during your safari in the Arusha National Park on your itinerary through the North Circuit or as a 1-day excursion.

    For more information see here:

Duration : Half day

Theme : Plantation

Visit the Mount Meru forest plantation, divided into an area of ​​planted forest and another large area of ​​mountainous natural forest. You will walk to the nursery of the plantation where the assistants mix the manure and organic compost to fill the pots. You will learn to mix the soil, fill pots, weed, water and prune the roots of the trees in the nursery. You can participate in the transplant and learn the procedures necessary to plant a tree and obtain a high yield in the production of wood before planting yours. After planting, get to know the sawmill workshop on the farm, where foresters harvest and process the wood from the trees and put it to different uses.


Plant a tree and contribute to the CO₂ emissions offset project.

Duration : Half day

Theme : Plantation / Gastronomy

This is the fantastic Coffee Tour; We will take a tour of the farm accompanied by our local guide who will give us explanations about the coffee plantation and how to harvest, roast and process the coffee until we have a coffee ready to drink. Let yourself be enveloped by its aroma, it will surely be the first time that you will be able to drink a coffee … that you have managed to make yourself!

This Tour is offered in 3 different places: in Mount Meru and in Marangu there is a complete tour with an experiential workshop included; In the city ​​of Arusha the explanatory tour takes place.

Duration: Half day

Visit local people, sing and dance with them, and learn about their lifestyle in typical African villages. The local community guide will take us to a huge fig tree used as a place of sacred worship. We will hear stories about the beliefs about these majestic trees and learn how they give offerings to the gods. We will continue the tour to local farms, Maasai homes, herbalists and midwives who will share their knowledge to identify the right medicine to heal people using local plants. The tour ends with a traditional lunch prepared by the Naramatisho women’s group. The tour is also combined with a visit to local schools to learn about the educational system and other community projects.

Duration: Half day

Theme : Hiking / Birds

During this tour you have the opportunity and time to identify and observe different types of birds from the mountainous areas or seasonal migratory birds. The sounds and melodies of birds and other insects will multiply your enjoyment and elevate the state of relaxation in the middle of nature.

Duration : 1 day

Activities : Bicycle / Plantations / Gastronomy

Explore the forest on two wheels. Join us on our guided bike tour along the slopes of Mount Meru. This tour covers 10-15 km through the forests, in the southern part of Mount Meru where you will see various primates such as baboons, monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, as well as various species of birds and flowers. The cycling route begins at the main entrance to the forest. You will enjoy incredible views and the fresh air of the forest and you will arrive at the local town where you will learn about their local agricultural practices on their farms.

Optionally you can go down a path and cool off in the waterfalls.

At the end of the tour we offer you delicious typical local food and the possibility of being part of the project to keep Mount Meru evergreen and plant a tree.

Duration : Half day

Activities : Hiking / Plantation

The tour begins in the nursery, as a visitor you can learn various activities that take place in the forest and the plantation of Mount Meru, where trees are planted and harvested to obtain wood.

You will have a moment to plant a tree, making this world a better place to live.

We will be able to take a walk through the forest plantation and then enter the natural forest on the slopes of the Sambasha hill that offers a panoramic view of the nearby towns and the city of Arusha. On the way we can find black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, antelopes and birds along with beautiful wild flowers. At the top of the Sambasha hill we will learn how honey is collected with local beekeepers and we can enjoy taking a break and a drink and snack in the picnic area under the thick forest.

Activities: Hiking / Relax

This is an activity to escape the stressful noises of everyday life, quiet the mind and be able to feel part of nature.

Silent walk through the forest to experience nature through the senses. Being in close contact with the forest and its wildlife. Listen to the natural sounds and music of the surrounding nature: the melodious songs of the birds, the guttural sounds of the monkeys and the whispers of the wind. Breathe in the fresh air of the forest and soak up the healing scent of the beautiful flowers. See how the butterflies decorate the landscape.

There is also the option of doing this walk in a conventional way through the forest.

  • Activities: Mountaineering.

    For the most demanding mountaineering lovers we have the option of organizing trekking for one or several days on Mount Meru or the option of making the journey to the top with the route that we have prepared for you. With a bit of luck, you will be able to enjoy what may be an opportunity to spot multiple wild animals.

  • Activities : Mountaineering

    If you want to step on the highest mountain in Africa with your own feet, we can accompany you during a trekking of one or several days through the volcano! Even if you dream of reaching the top!

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  • The walking safari in Arusha National Park is one of the excursions that you cannot miss, it will be a unique and sensational experience in the natural environment. The walk begins at the Momella gate accompanied by a park ranger, we will cross the open meadow (Mahali pa nyati) where buffalo graze, we will cross the forest area to the viewpoints and then we will descend towards the falls … all this will bring you closer to nature and It will allow you to feel the authentic feeling of Africa.

    This is an optional activity that you can hire during your North Circuit safari as you pass through Arusha or as a 1-day excursion.

    Check here for more information.

The Tarangire National Park is a park of great photographic interest and is one of the perfect places to do 2-3 hour walking safaris, we will always be accompanied by a park ranger and an experienced guide who will explain and teach us how to recognize and follow the signs of wildlife. Tarangire has an excellent concentration of fauna, during our walking safari we will be able to witness herds of elephants, antelopes, birds and much more.

This is an optional activity that you can hire during your safari through the North Circuit as you pass through Tarangire or as a 1-day excursion.

Check here for more information.

* In all these half-day excursions there is the option of organizing a hot lunch with traditional food  from the nearby village you can enjoy lunchtime with option to turn the excursion into a whole day experience.

* In Sensation of Africa we apply the principle of “garbage in garbage out”. Visitors are strongly requested to avoid littering in the forest.