Trip Overview

The Marangu route (also known as “ the Coca-Cola Route ”) is the most “comfortable” route in terms of facilities. The mountaineers will be protected in shelters type wooden cabins, which offer shared bathrooms and drinks (among which is popularly the soft drink that has given the pseudonym to the route).

Marangu is a very busy and more touristy route, with hikers who ascend and descend in 5-6 days, reaching the summit at night.

Remember that this itinerary can be modified to your liking by making the variations you want by selecting the excursions or cultural activities that you like the most or extending your stay in Zanzibar and relaxing on the white sands Beaches (with the corresponding price variation depending on the changes).

Day to day Itinerary

Day 1. Welcome to Tanzania

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KLM), you will meet your Sensation of Africa guide in person, who will transfer you to your accommodation in Arusha or Moshi (approx. 1 hour by car) for dinner and overnight at the Mount Meru hotel. , Weru Weru Lodge or similar.

Day 2. Activity in Arusha / Moshi and preparation for the crossing

During the morning we have the option of doing some activity in Arusha or Moshi, such as a short walk to the falls, a city tour or, after the long flight of hours, you can start your vacation by relaxing in comfortable accommodation with a pool. We recommend using this day also to double-check the mountain backpack with your luggage because in case you have forgotten or are missing something, it is possible to find it during the day in the city of Arusha or Moshi. If you bring more suitcases with unnecessary things for the mountain trip, you will be provided a safe place to store them in the accommodation. Your mountain guide will meet you at your accommodation in the late afternoon (before dinner) for a full route briefing including essential information.

Day 3. First day of the crossing

Marangu Gate (1,850 m) to Mandara Hut (2,690 m)

In the morning, after breakfast, our guide will pick you up at the accommodation and we will go to the Marangu gate. Once there, after formalizing the climbing permits and registration with the rescue service, we will begin the journey through the tropical jungle where rains are highly probable (we recommend wearing a raincoat). The difference in altitude to the Mandara hut is 850 m in a distance of 11 km and the crossing time is approximately 5-7 hours. We will have dinner and spend the night in the Mandara cabin.

Day 4. The second day of the crossing

Mandara Hut (2690) to Horombo Hut (3710 m)

After breakfast, with a moderate effort trek, from the Mandara hut, we will go to the second camp at Horombo (3710 m), where we will have good views of two volcanoes: Kibo and Mawenzi. The route will be 10 km and the time of the walk between 4-6 hours. We will have lunch and then we will complete the acclimatization section in the direction of the Kibo cabin with an extra 200 m altitude gain, and then return to the Horombo cabin for dinner and sleep. The acclimatization hike is an easy hike with a slight gain in altitude to speed up the acclimatization process. The acclimatization walk will be between 1-2 hours in total and of a distance of 3 km. We recommend taking acclimatization hikes very seriously,

Day 5. On the third day of the crossing

Horombo Cabin (3710 m) to Kibo Cabin (4690 m)

This morning, after breakfast, we will go to Kibo (4690 m), the distance of the route is 10 km and it will take between 4-7 hours to reach our camp. The trekking is not very difficult, it is only important to remember that following an adequate rhythm will help to dose the forces for the trip to the summit of Kilimanjaro. We recommend sleeping as much as possible, avoiding any strenuous activity and drinking plenty of water, some people lose their appetite, so we also recommend following a diet with enough nutrients and Kcal.

Day 6. The fourth day of the crossing

Crossing from the Kibo Hut (4690 m) to the summit at Uhuru peak (5895 m) and descent to the Horombo hut (3710 m)

Today we will depart at night from Kibo and begin our journey to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the trekking will be moderate from a physical point of view, but the altitude can make serious problems appear. During the entire ascent process, in pairs, you will be accompanied by a guide, who will monitor your endurance and mental resolution. After taking good photos of the summit and the topography of Africa, we will head to Kibo to eat and rest for 1-2 hours. Then we will continue to Horombo for dinner and overnight. The total distance of the day’s walk will be 16 km, which we will do in a time of approximately 9-12 hours.

Day 7. Fifth and last day of the crossing

Horombo’s hut (3710 m) at the gate of Marangu (1860 m)

After a hot breakfast, we will descend to the Marangu gate and there our tour leader will give a brief summary about the entire route. Then we will have the opportunity to share opinions about the trip with each other and write in the guest book. We will give you your commemorative certificate and take you to your accommodation in Arusha or Moshi to enjoy a good shower, eat and rest.

The Sensation of Africa guide will give you a summary of the next scheduled activities when you arrive at the accommodation.



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